The Framework


This is the trial period and also known as germination period. This is where we get to know the member. What they want to do in life? Opportunities, and what skills they have. This is the interview process but no rejection. This is what distinguishes Cultivate Immokalee from the rest, community wide. In this phase, members are testing out the ideology of Cultivate Immokalee and family cohort. This is a 3 month max period depending on how unsure the member is. The next phase (roots) will be initiated by the member as soon as they ASK if they can do more.


All first year people that align with the ideology of Cultivate Immokalee. The idea of family is vital for any program to run smoothly. We have seen this first hand in Cultivate Immokalee. Members are more likely to open up when there’s common values, relationships, and time. Throughout the program the members have said Cultivate Immokalee has created a safe haven to talk about toxic stress, fears, dreams, and intentions. Members start building meaningful experiences that establish safe and open peer communication. Throughout the program members take ownership and autonomy of their project via roles. This has increased their self esteem and safe risk taking.


The idea of having a neighbor comes into place at this phase. At this phase a member will learn consensus decision making and increase self awareness and personal reflection. For example, somebody wants to plant a tree but your neighbor doesn’t agree because he rather have a herb garden instead of a shady tree. Compromise comes into place and delegation. The members will learn interpersonal skills via peer mentoring which is a direct extension of the root phase. So it’s being able to network and tell people about what you’re doing. At this phase members will recognize personal strengths and goals. This will allow then to verbally learn and communicate about career paths and opportunities.


Pollinators are the net workers, they have to have strong interpersonal skills. They are going out into unknown territory such as when the Earth Day group went to speak to the Permitting office. Members in pollinator phase are building connections with adults and community organizations to expand the network of Cultivators and Cultivate Immokalee. This phase definitely helps members learn to build personal confidence by talking to others about what they are doing. Here they have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills.


At this phase, Members and Alumni engage and lead community events. At this phase they are the face of Cultivate Immokalee. For example, Alejandra, Breana, Alfredo, and Earth Day leaders. These are the leaders of projects such as Earth Day, Community gardens, garden clubs, Salud Club and Ciclovia. This is the sustainability phase where Cultivators train pollinators interested in a specific project area. At this phase the members are working towards a sustainable network and future of Cultivate Immokalee and its partners. They will also engage community in civic action and work with local governmental organizations.