Jose Santay

I chose Cultivate Immokalee because I always want to help others no matter how big or small the task is. In the first place, this has given me an opportunity to improve my green thumb.  After high school, I wish to attend college and pursue an engineering career. I hope to eventually have a job that I love. Recently I realized how much I’ve learned about creating 3D sketch ups of buildings since I joined Cultivate. I have also learned how to network and better communicate with many people. The biggest impact Cultivate Immokalee can have will be the ability to educate the community about growing gardens and have residents become self-sustainable so that they can provide food for themselves. In the future, I see myself assisting the club by helping out future club members with their projects or any of their concerns for plans after high school. 

Diego Villalobos-Perez

What I’m learning from Cultivate Immokalee is how to present and be organized in order to show people from different organizations our accomplishments. In the future I also wish to implement the skills I have acquired to further my education. For example, I recently got accepted to MSU, where I can pursue a career in agriculture. The most important thing that Cultivate Immokalee has helped me with, when it comes to goals, is building connections. Being the leader of Farm-bot is a great help as well.

Guadalupe Velaquez

My academic interest is to pursue environmental sciences and agricultural engineering. I believe that people should not only be able to maintain their environment healthy, but also themselves through agriculture practices. Through Cultivate Immokalee I have learned to interact with other members of our community and I’ve also learned some agricultural skills from the various hands on projects we’ve done. Cultivate Immokalee also allows me to give back to my community and meet professionals that have the same interests of which I am interested in. I eventually plan on returning to my community and entwining myself with any Cultivate Immokalee projects while applying my knowledge towards the succession of these missions.

Brandon Gallardo

My goal is to become a farmer, agricultural pilot, or work for land conservation management. I chose Cultivate Immokalee because as a small boy I loved to plant and I lived on a farm, thus I had similar interests with this initiative. I would like to make people aware of their environment, wildlife, and how it impacts their life & health. I personally learned through Cultivate Immokalee that life isn’t all just about you, there are people out in the world living conditions that you can’t image because you haven’t experienced it.