Club Salud:
Fighting childhood obesity

What is Club Salud

To stimulate the desire for children to empower their mind, body, and community through physical activity and wellness we are implementing Club Salud; a 7 week summer supplemental program which will help us evaluate and assess the Immokalee communities behaviors/perceptions about the importance of physical activity among obese youth. With obesity being a product of both their biological predestination’s and their environment, we are using the Harrison et al. (2011) Six C’s model (cell, child, community, country, & culture) to design the necessary intervention methods we are implementing. The goal of Club Salud is to work alongside existing programs to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables; increase healthy meal preparation; increase physical activity; and practice stress reduction and self-care activities.

Our partnership with the University of Florida IFAS research extension center and the Florida State University Salud Program, has allowed us to begin reviewing and maintaining knowledge of current recommendations for children’s physical activity to accurately increase and inform participants awareness through the Club Salud curriculum.


Increase Physical Activity

Increase Healthy Food Choices

Obesity Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

Encourage Social Interaction


Student Led Community Research Based Study Contributing to National Study

20+ Participants

Lowered Obesity in Youth Enrolled

Active Period: Summers June - July


Cultivate Immokalee

UF Family Nutrition Program

FSU College of Medicine

Parks and Recreation

Collier County Public Schools

NCH Safe and Healthy Children's Coalition