Demonstration Gardens:
Learn By Doing

Learning how to garden, identifying pests, learning Florida Friendly Practices

What are Demonstration Gardens

Demonstration gardens are the teaching gardens. These gardens serve as learning landscapes and are a collection of plants assembled and organized in a way that allows people who visit the garden to access them and study them. Most gardens are designed with a specific focus and this ensures that plants have a purpose and educational theme. For example, featuring a plant and highlighting plant uses. You also take into consideration where to place a tree and how to design landscape that’s not only appealing but functional as well. You start thinking in a way that would follow Florida Friendly landscape principles. This type of garden has lots of teaching moments like learning about pest management, plants and vegetables in season, plant arrangements, applying plant fertilizer, types of irrigation, pathway formation, plant identification, how to properly prune, and when to harvest.


Build Confidence and Teamwork

Hands on Training and Fieldwork

Build Autonomy in Youth and Community

Develop and Model 3D Site Plans

Pest Management

Plant Identification

Learning to Garden with Master Gardeners


1 Active Garden Site

30+ Participants

80+ Fruit Trees

Amenities: Gleaning Stand

Growing: Sweet Potatoes, Jalapenos, Squash, Zucchini, Chaya, Moringa


UF Master Gardeners

UF IFAS Center

UF Family Nutrition Program

Cultivate Immokalee

FSU College of Medicine