iGrow Gardens:

Gardens designed to build skills of elderly or disabled individuals that provide a platform for learning

What are ADA Gardens

Gardening is widely known as a healthful activity for the body, mind and spirit. It provides an enjoyable and leisurely activity for a growing number of people in the United States. This growing population includes many elderly and disabled individuals. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of gardening by choosing the proper garden design that encourages an accessible, safe and comfortable gardening experience.


Increase Physical Activity

Increase Fine Motor Skills

Provide Horticultural Therapy

Reduces Stress, Promotes Serenity

Enhance Sense of Control

Encourage Social Interaction


2+ Active Garden Sites

25+ Participants

1 Memorial Sunflower Bed

Amenities: Bocce Court, Sitting Area

Growing: Radish, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Moringa


Benison Center

iGrow / iTech

UF Family Nutrition Program


FSU SStride

Jack & Ann's Feed Supply

Fogg's Nursery & Mulch Supply