iGrow Roberts Goodwill Senior Center Garden 2017

On June 21, 2017 Cultivate Immokalee was able to visit the center. During the visit, Mrs. Kelly Stevenson- Crews students (with disabilities) were extremely helpful with completing an instructional session on Earth-boxes. Her student Billy translated the information in Creole, while Katrina was showing some of the seniors where the place the seeds in the Earth Box as well as teaching them how to assemble the Earth Box. Seniors at the center are usually sitting and not really doing a lot of physical activity to stimulate their fine motors skills. With the help of Earth-boxes, seniors become jubilant and joyful when they see new life growing in their garden. Their joy is greater when they know they have planted the garden. With no weeding, hoeing, or digging, Earth-boxes gardening makes it possible for seniors to plant their gardens. Currently,Cultivate Immokalee students continue working with the center in order to improve the lives of seniors that visit the center.