What is an Earth Box?

The Earth Box Gardening System is a unique, sub-irrigated planter that allows the average home gardener to grow delicious fruit, vegetables, and herbs without having a traditional, in-ground garden. Grow anywhere, including balconies, porches, rooftops, and even indoors. Designed by commercial farmers, this container growing system is easy to set up and maintain. Just add potting mix, plants and water.

What is Farmbot

The FarmBot is an innovative agricultural robot that allows for farming to occur on a micro scale. This mechanism can utilized by the disabled or those who have a hard time raising plants. Farmbot does the work for the occupant and regularly maintains the plants making sure the plants are kept well. The user friendly interface Farmbot.io allows for the insertion of plants and watering times to be easy and comprehensible for people of all ages. The farming industry is integral to the Immokalee community. Farm bot has helped Cultivate Immokalee students become knowledgeable of Computer Systems, Machining, Construction, and 3D modeling.  Students apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to project that illustrates emerging industries and potential careers in a new economy. This innovative technology is sure to be a revolutionary addition to urban areas and those with the desire to bring up a plant or garden stress-free.