Best friends planting together LTE Garden

Best friends fill an Earth Box for planting at LTE Best Friend Garden.
Best friends mixing soil for planting.
LTE students filling an Earth Box
LTE students planting passion flower
Putting seeds in Earth Box containers
Cultivating soil mixture at LTE Best Friends Garden
Watering newly planting seeds
Watering newly planted seeds and flowers
Planting Blanket flowers at LTE Best Friends Garden

Cultivate Planting Day

Cultivate Immokalee students Marco and Jose work with UF Master Gardener Mark to learn the proper way plant, id, and label.

Cultivate Immokalee students worked with UF Master Gardeners to plant vegetables and flowers.  Today they learned the importance of proper labeling.

Lake Trafford Elementary School Best Friends Garden

Ms Martinez cleaning up the LTE garden and learning what is and is not a weed.

We would like to invite best friends in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades to join us in building a a best friends garden club at Lake Trafford Elementary.  The focus is on improving the current garden and learning how to garden.

For more information please get in contact with Mr. Cuccia

Meetings 8AM till 9:30AM on the following Saturdays







What is an Earth Box?

The Earth Box Gardening System is a unique, sub-irrigated planter that allows the average home gardener to grow delicious fruit, vegetables, and herbs without having a traditional, in-ground garden. Grow anywhere, including balconies, porches, rooftops, and even indoors. Designed by commercial farmers, this container growing system is easy to set up and maintain. Just add potting mix, plants and water.

iGrow Roberts Goodwill Senior Center Garden 2017

On June 21, 2017 Cultivate Immokalee was able to visit the center. During the visit, Mrs. Kelly Stevenson- Crews students (with disabilities) were extremely helpful with completing an instructional session on Earth-boxes. Her student Billy translated the information in Creole, while Katrina was showing some of the seniors where the place the seeds in the Earth Box as well as teaching them how to assemble the Earth Box. Seniors at the center are usually sitting and not really doing a lot of physical activity to stimulate their fine motors skills. With the help of Earth-boxes, seniors become jubilant and joyful when they see new life growing in their garden. Their joy is greater when they know they have planted the garden. With no weeding, hoeing, or digging, Earth-boxes gardening makes it possible for seniors to plant their gardens. Currently,Cultivate Immokalee students continue working with the center in order to improve the lives of seniors that visit the center.  

What is Farmbot

The FarmBot is an innovative agricultural robot that allows for farming to occur on a micro scale. This mechanism can utilized by the disabled or those who have a hard time raising plants. Farmbot does the work for the occupant and regularly maintains the plants making sure the plants are kept well. The user friendly interface allows for the insertion of plants and watering times to be easy and comprehensible for people of all ages. The farming industry is integral to the Immokalee community. Farm bot has helped Cultivate Immokalee students become knowledgeable of Computer Systems, Machining, Construction, and 3D modeling.  Students apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to project that illustrates emerging industries and potential careers in a new economy. This innovative technology is sure to be a revolutionary addition to urban areas and those with the desire to bring up a plant or garden stress-free.

RCMA Garden Site

RCMA Early Childhood Garden Outline

In 2016 1By1 and the RCMA Early Childhood project purchased 15 boxes to distribute to 5 sites in Immokalee as a pilot project to encourage their providers to grow nutritional plants and in the process share their knowledge with their neighbors. Currently, the RCMA uses Earth-boxes as a teaching tool and family project to grow vegetables share recipes and focus on nutrition. With assistance from Cultivate Immokalee initiative, students help train and provide technical assistance to the center’s teachers and staff. This include help in making the boxes, selecting the proper soil, fertilizer and plants. For those of us in Cultivate Immokalee, it is our hope to leverage Earth-box projects with RCMA and school projects to cover all participating neighborhoods in Immokalee by 2019.